FPS point and click movement and switch to a model viewer camera

Hello friends ! I hope you are all doing well today :slight_smile:

Looking to create an interactive showroom to showcase a set of items, I want to setup several things, but I must admit I am kinda lost on many points

The final goal is to have the user move around an environnement using a point & click movement associated to a first person view camera. The user would be able to look at an item, select it by clicking on it and then being switch to a “model viewer” camera allowing him to rotate/zoom the model. Then, by pressing a specific key, he would be switch back to the first person view controller.

I have been looking at the forums for the past week, but I’ve lost myself along the way, getting samples of code and trying to make them work together without any success, going back and forth, erasing stuff and losing some hairs in the process.
So far, I do have a working first person WASD controller, but that’s all.

Any help would be really appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hi @nooxouille ,

What issues are you facing? If you are stuck at some point, you can post the issue here so we can take a look and help you resolve them.

Hi @Saad_Haider !

I am having trouble “ordering” myself, and I tried to go in to many directions at once, because I need to create multiple different systems.

First, I need to finish my user movement controller : I need to make it so that the user point/look somewhere on the ground, left clic and get moved to that position. I need some kind of marker, or visual clue for the user to understand where he will be moved after left-clicking.
The working part (WASD first person controller) is from the move+jump FPS tutorial.
But I struggled to adapt it and make it work with the recast “point and clic” movement.

That’s for the first issue I am facing. The interaction part will come later on :smiley:

Project link

Hi @nooxouille ,

I would suggest you to develop one system at a time and finish one and then move onto the next. If you are struggling with Playcanvas systems and how they work, then you should go through some of the tutorials Tutorials | Learn PlayCanvas and study some of them, if you get stuck with some specific issue or error, you can ask in the forums.

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Hi @nooxouille!

There is a point and click example project:


I found also a point and click tutorial video:

Ok, so I’ve got something that is kinda working :slight_smile:
The player sort of move when a region is clicked, yet I need to fix some things such as :

  • the player move backward after a few seconds, even without any user input.
  • going backward, it go through a wall made of both a collision and rigid body components
  • the player do not stay on the floor level, and move through the ground while “clicked to move”

FWIW, I’d like to create a movement system similar to the one that exist in this expérience : https://gallery.familyforeverychild.org

This problem is caused by the script below.


Moving an entity with translateLocal does not move the dynamic rigidbody of the entity. If you use a dynamic rigidbody you need to move the entity by applying a force on the rigidbody of the entity.


I was not be able to test the ‘click to move’ part.

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