FPS movement problem

I need a character that will turn as you look, the current fps script will move only the camera, and the main body with the script will just move, not rotate, i need it to rotate the body and all that’s attached, not just the camera

It sounds like you are looking for the third person controller?


kind of, but in first person, im making an FPS shooter, so i need the whole player to turn, not just the camera, for it to work

But in a first person shooter you don’t see the player? So how did you know it’s turning or not? Maybe if you use the third person controller and disable the model, you get what you try to achieve?

  • tried that now, but still, so I’m thinking of making a new script, I made it where you can still see your body if you look down, the thing only turns if you move, so maybe I can edit this to move always?

If you use the third person controller and move the camera before the model, gives that the result you are looking for?

Why is that a problem? Why do you need to rotate the body?

for an FPS application, mainly multiplayer

In terms of multiplayer, rotate the model based on the other players camera orientation, not the physics rigidbody.

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