FPS mobile input

hey everyone,

did anyone succeed in finding a good way of navigating as an FPS with mobile touch input? (till now ive only experienced that youd have to use both of your fingers for walking and looking around which most people dont know how to do)

hope someone can help!

Yeah, I’d say I find this system hard myself, I am not a big fun of FPS games on mobile for this reason.

I am not sure you can go away with using both hands to simulate FPS movement/targeting.

What I find makes it a bit easier is if I lock movement to a virtual joystick but for targeting I detect touches/drags on the whole of the display. But definitely this is something to investigate on a per case base.


If it’s not fast paced, you can use pinch in/out to move forward/back and single finger drag to look around.

Or you can use a similar system as Google Maps first person view?

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Hmm, I am one of those who use 3 fingers in first person shooters (move/strafe, rotate/pan, fire). I know some use the fourth finger (for aim down sights), but I find it not giving much advantage in speed. I can also use 2 fingers, if the touch-screen is presssure sensitive, so the rotate finger can also fire.

Nevertheless, most of my friends who like to play FPS games, know well how to control the player with 2 fingers. Those, who don’t play FPS on mobile, well, they don’t play those.

I’d say, cater for your audience, regardless of what type of game you make. If you make your goal to acquire those players who don’t play your genre, you might make it worse for those who do.


Have you looked at this script:

It’s used in the Seemore demo:


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hey again everyone!
thanks for the inputs!
its working somehow, but I tried it on both IOS and android and its not fullscreen any ideas how to fix that?


Hi @linelineline,

Going fullscreen on mobile browser can be tricky, since not all OS/browsers support this.

To enable the fullscreen mode you use a standard browser API, check this page: