Fps + Halo game creation

Role Required: Coder, designer
My Role: Programmer, partly designer
Team Size: 2~4
Project Length: 3~12 months commission
Compensation: None
Project Description: It will be a game where in the menu, you can pick between multiple smaller games, kind of like halo mcc.

I can help with some things, mostly music and finding some models for you.

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Thank you so much! Ill private message you what I need some time

ok, also, for my one project, do you think you can help me get the UV Mapping for the mario? The model was extracted from Luigi’s Mansion 3 in blender…

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I can try

you would need a windows pc.

well, then I cant

Why is windows a requirement for 3d software like blender ? blender does support multiple operating systems.

well, can you list the others so we know if it can be done?

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thank you

this is a summary of compatible Operating Systems:
Windows 10, 8.1 and 7
macOS 10.13+

It is also available as source code and it is on Steam.

Halo:Insurrection is my project name.

I need only coders for my game.

I need 1~2 coders for my game

It doesn’t matter how much time you spend, I will be thankful for the help.

My game is a multiplayer FPS tribute to 343 studios and their hit game Halo 3. If you need more description just say so and I can give more specific details.

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