FPS and drawCalls in npm version

Is the a way to read fps and drawCalls in npm version? That would be very helpful to track performance over entire developement time. Seems like stats object is not updated.

Hm idk about this topic but I believe you could use a third party app for I believe may wanna ask will about this topic

Does this help?
Take a look at fps.js in the project.


@GregP The stats are only available in a metrics build of the library. The NPM package currently only includes:

  • playcanvas.js - Unminified release build
  • playcanvas.min.js - Minified release build
  • playcanvas.d.ts - TypeScript bindings for the engine

Maybe we could add playcanvas.prf.js (the metrics build) to the next NPM deployment we do. Plus playcanvas.dbg.js (debug build).

Thanks guys, @will i thnik would be super cool to have it in NPM package, Another idea have access to them depends on build based on env variable, ie if process.env.PRODUCTION then build pure prod version, otherwise add dbg/prf code?