Footer menus are hidden by default. How can solve it to appear by default?

Does anyone has same problem like this?

My test content is published on the url below.

When I access to this url, it shows PlayCanvas footer menu (like full screen button and sns share buttons) on my PC Toshiba Let’s note, but It doesn’t show PlayCanvas footer menu when I tried to access from another PC.

Even it doesn’t show the footer menu, element actually contain footer menu as show in picture below.

Does anyone has any idea to solve this?
Thank you :slight_smile:

You want that footer? It is in CSS where we hide footer in player to avoid it to be too obstructive on mobile.

There is a way to disable footer for all sizes though, so you could implement own fullscreen button.

Is this the tech you are doing with this cool monitors that viewer see one or the other picture depending on angle?

Thank you for your reply.
Yes we wanted full screen button in footer menu.

Actually this problem was solved by scaling Google Chrome magnification smaller.
But it should not show different result, even the magnification was same 100% in both PC which we tested our project.
Anyway it is not longer problem for us :slight_smile:

To answer your question…yes this is a display technology called multiplex imagery technology.
these paper and video will help you to understand more about our technology.

We are implementing our technology with PlayCanvas GLSL shader for more opportunity to spread our technology.

Thank you!!

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