Follow tracks ability

Hello, i want to do a follow tracks ability for the ranger, so i thought using a spotlight with footprints to make appear the footprint tracks appear on the ground. The track last x seconds for each level of ability. So i pinpoint the target and position the spotlight in the raycasst from player to target. Is this the best way to do it or someone can think of a better solution? Thanks.

You could do that, if I understand correctly what you are trying to build. Though it might be expensive to use a realtime light just for that.

You could also create simple planes with a footprint texture and position them behind your character, using a raycast as you say (it returns a normal together with the position, so you can use that to properly rotate/align the plane on the ground).

You can also set a timeout so after a couple of seconds the planes/footprints fade away.

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How much expensive is the spotlight? I didn’t thought of that. The plane isn’t easy to align to terrain even more when the terrain change inclination, that’s why i thought of the light. tracking

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It’s a bit more costly than a directional light, cheaper than a point light.

If your rendering budget can afford it, it’s a good solution equally.

Well since it wont be active all the time i guess it wont make much difference.

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