Floor physics issues


No matter what I try, the player model just falls through the ground. I have collide and rigidbody components on both. I tried everything I could think of. What should I do?


Does the playermodel have collision and rigidbody?


That’s what I said. I tried it.


Can you show the project?


I don’t know how. Sorry.


Copy the link in your URL bar and paste it here.




Your model does not have a Collision or RigidBody component. You need to add those. And make sure you set the rigidbody to Dynamic instead of leaving it on Static.


I figured out the cause of the other thing falling through though. The mesh collision is apparently the problem, as I forked your project and changed the collision to a cylinder, and it didn’t fall through.


Thanks. Only one problem. The collision body is off center. How do I fix that?


Make the collision and the model different entities. Delete the model component of your character, and then add a model entity inside the collision and rigidbody entity.