Flood Problem & Character Model Problem

Flood Problem :
I want to make a flood project for my east project and I don’t have any experience for coding. I’d take lessons but I can’t pay for them or can’t find one that teaches it well.

Character Model Problem :
So I need to make a character model that can operate with doors and item’s that are etc. on the ground. I still don’t have any coding, experience.

Thank You for any help

To do gamedev, you need to learn how to do certain things. So if you want to make project alone, then you need to learn how to code.

Learning JavaScript is actually simple and fun, I recommend CodeAcademy - its free.

Then you want to go through loads and loads of tutorials, user manual, reference, etc: http://developer.playcanvas.com/
Learn to debug as well - it is mandatory skill for a developer.

Please don’t ask people to code for you - they don’t have time and reasons to do that, because what you need - is to learn.
Feel free to experiment a lot - gamedev can be fun, but is hard and frustrating sometimes, so you have to learn to deal with it.

And here is comic that highlights this case, just for fun :wink:

Character model can be easy solved with autodesk character creator and mixamo but if u don’t learn coding your experience will be very short :smiley: While coding u will learn also patience :wink:

Thanks and thank you max my friends just laughed at my


Im just kidding but thank you for the help. It was much helpful. Thanks.

That sentence makes no sense what so ever.