Flipping texture V Issue

I’m using the old version of playcanvas which is 1.24 along with playcanvas-gltf.js and playcanvas-anim.js
Now I’m move to the latest version and found that the texture is flipped when I load old assets with the latest playcanvas version.

I also found that it may be a known issue as mentioned from the below link.

According to the guideline to solve this issue, two options are suggested.

  1. Flipping the texture image itself before load
  2. Flipping UV coordination of the model

Since I have to keep compatibility between old models (V flipped) and new model, I’m considering the second option.

So, I just wonder if it’s enough to flip the texture image programatically while it’s loaded from the my backend server.

@slimbuck - what are you thoughts?

Hi @sooyong_Kim,

How were the old assets created? If you view them in https://www.playcanvas.com/viewer, does it look correct?

I actually don’t think playcanvas-gltf should be rendering incorrectly. Can you send me an example model to take a look?