Flick action with touch/mouse input

Hi, Im new to playcanvas and had a bit of a look around for help with touch actions. Im trying to achieve a flick action with touch, the same as the Fb Instant Games (created with PlayCanvas) Golden Boot (https://www.facebook.com/instantgames/play/267920816949420/) or Basketball against friends (https://www.facebook.com/instantgames/play/373352806373570/)
I currently have the scene setup to detect touch start, move and end, but I dont know how this correlates to a flicking action. I guess once the touch is released a forced has to be applied to the object. Could anyone provided somewhere this would be located in the docs?

Usually it is done by getting the position on where that touch starts, where the touch ends and keeping track on how much time elapsed was between the two events.

This now gives you a velocity as you can take the distance between the touch end and touch start divided the time elapsed. You can then use to apply a force (scaled by a magic number to keep it sane) on whatever you need.

You will have to add some extra checks to register a flick such as minimum distance needed, maximum time elapsed etc.