Flashlight only bright on one side?

ok so for some reason normals in materials are affecting the light. on one side it works, other not so much


@everyone hello?

Hi @Brent_Reddick!

It’s not clear to me what you mean.

Can you explain your problem a little better please?


so when there is a normal on the floor texture the light does not work in a certain direction, i dont know how to fix this, and for a flashlight horror game this is a bad issue.


What is the result without normals?

spot light works regardless of the direction

but the normals are VERY important

Unfortunately, I have no knowledge about normals. Maybe @mvaligursky knows why the light doesn’t work as expected when you use a normal texture.

There is something wrong with your normal maps, they don’t feel like normal maps, when I download them, they don’t look like a typical normals maps.

I added a different normal map here: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine and all seems to work

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