[FIXED] Anim State Graph - animation is looped even if 'loop' set to false?

Hello guys!

I have created a very basic AnimStateGraph with just 3 states (Idle, Run and Die as you can see at the screenshot below) and some transitions.

Everything works fine so far, but I’ve noticed that “die” state animation is looped in any case, no matter if the “loop” checkbox is checked or not.

Am I doing it wrong? Or it’s an Anim system bug?

UPD: looks like a bug for me. All the states are ignoring their “loop” properties and behave as it’s set to true.

This will be fixed in the next patch released of PlayCanvas that we are working on releasing right now: 1.44.1 release loops the default anim graph state despite disabled loop disabled · Issue #3324 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

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1.44.2 has now been released so this issue should be fixed :slight_smile:

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Indeed, works well now! Thanks!

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