First PlayCanvas favicon icon appears and then My icon appears

I am trying to change the favicon icon for my game page. I found no option in the editor to change the favicon then I tried using JS, In this approach, when the page loads, the first playcanvas favicon icon appears, and then later my icon appears.

var link = document.querySelector("link[rel~='icon']");
        if (!link) {
            link = document.createElement('link');
            link.rel = 'icon';
        link.href = "My Icon Link" ;

Hi @Faisal,

Yes that’s expected since JS will execute after HTML loads the favicon. There will always be a small delay, which can be bigger on slower devices/networks.

Right now there isn’t any way to do that in editor. You will have to export a build and self host.

Feel free to post a feature request about it in the editor repo, it’s a valid request.

Can you share editor repo link, where I can post.

Create an issue/request for the PlayCanvas Editor here:

Or create an discussion/request for the Editor: