First Person Animations w/ Arms Only

I’m making a movement game and I want to add that nice game feel with animations.

I am restricted to web only, so it’s hard to find one. I’ve looked at sketchfab but I couldn’t find any free ones that looked descent. I saw videos on using mixamo and using blender delete everything but the arms but I can’t use blender.

I could use the full body but that wouldn’t look good if the head moved a lot.

Any way I can accomplish this?

You can use masks to limit which bones an animation layer applies to. Here’s an engine example, but you can get this to work in the Editor too, but I don’t have an example handy: PlayCanvas Examples

This is super amazing! Although, triangles can sometimes still be visible on the head and if I look down I might see an opening or gaps. I can offset the whole model back so I won’t see it, but when I turn, the legs won’t rotate on the center.