Firing bullets in Shooter game

I’m trying to get my gun in my first game Fire! to fire bullets continually when I press and hold the x button. I also want to destroy the bullets once they reach a certain distance, but I don’t know enough about either PlayCanvas or coding to do that. What is an easy way (both for me and the computer) to set up something like that?

  1. Spawn an entity with a rigidbody and collider component. The rigidbody component should have damping set to 0.
  2. Apply a force to the entity in a given direction.
  3. Use the setTImeout() function to call entity.destroy() after a certain amount of time has passed.
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But how do I continuously spawn it that way?

You could spawn the bullets from another entity script’s update loop. If you’re confused about how to spawn entities, I suggest checking out this tutorial.

alright then. Thank you!

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Um, I don’t know how to spawn the entity WITH rigidbody using code.

The simplest way would be to make a disabled bullet prefab in your scene and then clone it to spawn as needed:

var clonedEntity ="BulletPrefab");
var newEntity = clonedEntity.clone();;
newEntity.enabled = true;