Firebase save files Help

I have a game with working save files but I would like to be able to link them to an account that works for all of my games but I need some help with writing to the firebase cloud from a script in play canvas if anyone can help I’m all ears

Hi @WilliamBoersma31 ,

I think the starting point for that is cloud storage for firebase, here are the docs:

Thanks for the help @Leonidas but this is not what I’m looking for the info given here is about sending files while i just want to send bools

Can you also help with adding a login button that allows you to login to my fire base project and make it required to access some parts of the game

There is this really easy to use auth ui available for firebase, take a look: GitHub - firebase/firebaseui-web: FirebaseUI is an open-source JavaScript library for Web that provides simple, customizable UI bindings on top of Firebase SDKs to eliminate boilerplate code and promote best practices.

Hey @Leonidas just wondering if you would e able to help me with setting this up a little bit (I’m new to firebase)

I tried importing that into playcanvas and it gave me a bunch of errors

Here is a short guide I’ve written a while back:

never mind I’m blind

@Leonidas what kind of app would playcanvas be considered?
node.js or hosting url

hosting url

@Leonidas Ok I have been implementing the scripts one by one the first one I added was firebase-app.js but it still says make sure you add firebase-app.js first and I dont know why

Did you check the link I’ve shared above? :wink:

I went to “You can find links to those files in this guide, step 3” and went to the links for and copied it in then I got this message on all of them but firebase-app.js

Yes, those files aren’t PlayCanvas scripts, you aren’t meant to parse them. You are only meant to include them in your project (add them to your assets) and make sure they load before any other script (project scripts loading order).

is there any way to quick move things in the loading order because I have over 300 scripts in my project

Nope, you will have to do one after the other. I think there was a feature request to improve that at some point.

where do I put the config?

It’s being a while since I’ve used Firebase but I think you will just user it when you initialize your firebase app. Probably in a PlayCanvas script of yours.

ok I now have firebase in project but it doesn’t do anything what do i do now to read and write to the real time database and log in

I have to do log in first because of my firebase rules

Hey @Leonidas I figured out making accounts but how would I make a menu(the text input part I can do the rest)?

right now I have a prompt as a placeholder until I can Get a menu working

@Leonidas sorry to bug you so much I just need help and you were helping me until you left

Hey @Leonidas I’m back now and I got text input working I was wondering if you can help with sending stuff to the cloud and have separate saves per user.