Finding the rotation angle

Hello. There is a task to know what angle the cylinder rigidbody will turn if you give it an applyTorque with a specific vector. Tell me the mathematical formula for the solution, please.

Hi @sergey_ch,

applyTorque uses physics to apply torque to a body and the outcome can vary based on a number of things (other bodies in contact, friction) etc.

So there isn’t an exact mathematical formula to get the outcome before running the sim.

If you definitely need that, there is a complex way which you can attempt, running a second physics simulation a number of steps forward so you can receive the outcome at the same frame.

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Understood. Or maybe there is an opportunity to find out the current rotation speed?

You can get the angular velocity (rotational speed) like this:

const angularVelocity = this.entity.rigidbody.angularVelocity;