Finding the 'Floating docks' editor?

Hello, I remember one of you devs showing an editor, with floating docks - I cannot find it again?
(should be in one of these sections or the like: PlayCanvas Examples)

Hi @Thomas_Due_Nielsen,

What do you mean by floating docks?

for instance when I am handling longs URL’s like this:

  • it is super annoying that I cannot expand this right ‘dark grey’ column … optional scale docks (a bit like this up/down sizing: - but with scalable docks instead)

we have it laying somewhere - the example

I don’t remember seeing that in PlayCanvas for the Inspector, maybe you saw it when using the Sprites editor that adds a full size modal on top?

In any case that’s a good feature request for the editor repo.

ok, will give it past the wkd, and it case no additional replies -> yes, as editor repo suggestion/feature request etc

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