Finding example projects, similar to BJs Playground

I hope my issue fits the broader sense of the “Coding” category.
I’ve switched from Babylon JS to Playcanvas about 6 months ago (and never regret it).
What I’m missing though is a straight forward way to find example projects (besides the official tutorial section). Here Babylon JS Playground is really amazing, as it lets you search based on used api-functions, Title, Tags.

I usually stumble across public projects based on google searches and of course forum entries.
I also have posted my WebVR Starter Project several times as answers to forum questions:

I know that implementing a full source search (to find based on api functions) is probably tough, but actually a tagging function for projects (in my example “Web VR”, “Magic Mirror” or else) and the possibility to search based on them + the already existing title an description fields might be easier.
Maybe you could also add curated tags, so that your official tutorial section could be extended by the use of some user created public projects (or better forks of those projects).
These tags could then be linked within the “Tutorials” and “User Manual” sections ( a la "find public projects for “XR”)


hello @Rechi , I have a way for you to go about that problem. in the playcanvas main screen,m press docs, and then press the search button instead of having to look in the tutorials all the time.

i hope this helps @Rechi

Thanks for your response. I think I used that search before, but actually I think it doesn’t search within public projects, only forum posts and the documentation?
So if you create a public project which you never post within the forum, it wont show up. Or am I wrong here?

The public projects are currently not indexed so it’s not searchable by Google.

It’s not something that I’m comfortable changing but it be nice if the devlogs were search able thinking about it :thinking:

Or maybe make the project indexable once a devlog has been posted?

Thanks for the info, that could be very helpful!
Maybe in the long run there could be a new kind of project type / template which reassembles the workflow of the Babylon Playground, meaning a bunch of default assets – but no additional (non script) asset upload and forced public access but therefore not adding to your space quota.
(Probably this projects should be “living” completely outside of your account, only using your account to grant access to this functionality)

I don’t know If you aware of the Playground workflow, but here usually forum issues are answered / handled with such Playground-Projects, which handle problems with such reduced projects based on default assets ("could you provide a playground for your question - Ok I fork it & solve your Issue - Here you have your answer), which results in nice pool of small focused test projects, open and searchable for the community.

But this is just an additional idea. Having the public projects index (like you mentioned) would be already a very nice feature.

Don’t we have a similar concept here in the forums? I guess the projects are owned by the user rather than the site :thinking:

Yes the ownership is the main difference. With Playgrounds I’m not concerned with deleting them (which in case of building up a pool of such “solution / example projects” becomes quite important).
With the PC workflow (as far as I know) such forks become “your” projects, which can result in quite a mess - therefore I’m regularly cleaning out projects. Which results in having those projects lost (and also resulting in no longer valid links in forum posts for example).
This kind of public / Playcanvas ownership of those projects could also allow for better indexing (by making clear that all code you add in such projects is open for everyone).
You could compare such a workflow in generall more to sites like JSfiddle for example.

Hmm… there’s stuff in the works that could help with this :thinking: it’s a way off but something definitely worth considering.

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That sounds interesting :slight_smile:

Again it’s just an idea, which maybe also fits my workflow of "solving problems one by one and then keep a simple project for future reference - which projects I would be willing to share with others . But the general idea maybe should be checked with other users feedback concerning their workflows.

Babylons horrible workflow of “put everything in the create scene-function” probably also better suits this jsfiddle kind of application. I just wanted to bring it up, as back in the days I’ve learned a lot of BJs by looking at playgrounds like

Thanks again for your time.