Files losing their source when branching


Curious if anyone has ever had an issue like this. My master branch is working perfectly and referencing all of my textures correctly. Whenever I make a checkpoint and branch it though, some (not all) textures lose their source. They still have their name, size, and settings correct. They just no longer have the image data. Anyone ever seen this? I’ve tried making multiple checkpoints and branching off those and I get the same errors. Looks like some scripts are having the same issue as well. Here is what it looks like in editor:

I’ve not seen this before. Has it been just the one branch? Or every branch that you create?

I can’t seem to reproduce on my end on a new project.

Is the issue only on this project?

This is the first branch ive created on this project but every branch I have created since has had the issue on the same files. I have tried to create branches recently on different playcanvas apps with no issues so it seems to be only this project.

Can you add ‘yaustar’ to the project please and I will make a private fork to see if we can reproduce this on our side and investigate

I added you. Thanks for looking into this.

Odd, I can’t reproduce this in fork of the project :thinking:

hmm… let me try forking it and seeing if that fixes it then.

That fixed it. What do you make of that? Very odd. Does PlayCanvas pull anything off your local machine while you are using the editor? I’ve moved/deleted a lot of those files could that have corrupted it?

Also on your end on the original build… Is the master fine and the other branch broken?

Yep. Not sure what has caused this and will check in with the team

Thanks. I’d rather not lose all my checkpoints by forking and moving on with a new build because I’ll be using this app for awhile, but if it ends up being impossible to resolve I think forking will be okay.

Pinging @zpaul

@Jake_Johnson Can you try branching again now? We’ve made a change on our services to fix something that may have affect your project.

Can you do the following steps: create a new checkpoint on master, create a branch off that checkpoint.

If that doesn’t work then unfortunately yes, that project is in a broken state and we need to do further investigation on why.

That did not work sadly

Unfortunately you will have to use a fork project to continue :frowning:

We will investigate more on our end to work out what has happened.

Okay I will do that. I don’t know if this data point is relevant but it could have been that one set of changes in a check point got corrupted and then messed up subsequent checkpoints. If I navigate to the “creating front card” check point on August 18th on master and try to view the changes, I get an internal server error.

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Thanks, that helps us with investigation!

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@Jake_Johnson Would you be okay with giving me write access to the original project to investigate more into the checkpoints?

Done! Please just don’t share outside of the PlayCanvas team. Thanks for putting time towards this.

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@Jake_Johnson Thanks, we have now created a new checkpoint that is effectively a complete copy of the project that you can branch from:

Thanks @zpaul and @vaios for adding the required functionality to do this

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