Few development tasks required for interactive

Hi there,

I need help with a couple of pieces of functionality within an interactive I am making.

I would need scripts to:

  1. Allow for a set of animations to be attached to an animated FBX. When the user clicks, these animations are played sequentially but blended between. On the third click, I would like the camera to animate closer towards the FBX. After this last animation has finished I would like to load in a new scene.

  2. I would like to be able to control an animation by scrolling in and out. So scrolling in scrubs through the animation but scrolling out scrubs the animation backwards.

If anyone can help with this I would very much appreciate it. If you could let me know how much the above would cost that would be great. I need this work completed as soon as possible.

Many thanks!

This is only a quick go at it with two animations as the brief is a little on the unclear side in regards to how the clicks work. Is this the kind of thing you want?

(Press Space to pause/unpause).


Yes that is perfect - I want to play through one animation like that so when I scroll to zoom in / out it plays the animation forwards / backwards.

For the other side of it, I would be looking at playing animations on a fbx sequentially, but enabling the next animation to loop by clicking. After clicking twice to play the 2 different animations I would then click to go to the next scene.

How would I go about speaking to you about the sample you gave as that would be a life saver now…


Erm… I’m still a little unclear on the clicks logic

Taking it from the beginning:

App loads and animation A starts playing.
Is animation A looping? Or does it play to the end and stop?
When the user clicks, does it blend into animation B straightaway or wait till animation A finishes?
If the user clicks the second time while animation A is still playing, does it blend straight into animation C? Or does it play animation A all the way till the end, blend into animation B which plays all the way to the end and then blend into animation C?

In terms of the scrubbing, do you want the scrubbing to work through all the animations in sequence or just the current animation?


So we’re all good on the first example, I just need to scroll forwards and backwards through one animation.

The clicking through animations is a different thing.

The app starts and a looping animation starts playing. The user then clicks to blend into animation B - which looops. The blending should start after animation a has finished a loop. Then after this, animation b is looping. We can click, and after the current loop of animation b has ended animation c happens - just once - then we change scene.

Thank you!

The sample I posted above is able to do that.

[quote=“jon, post:5, topic:4102”]
The app starts and a looping animation starts playing. The user then clicks to blend into animation B - which looops. The blending should start after animation a has finished a loop.[/quote]
This still isn’t clear as there are still so many edge cases. When the user clicks, does animation B immediately starts blending? Does it wait till the end of animation A? Does it have to wait till animation A has at least completed one loop in total before it can immediately blend? If so, what happens when the user clicks twice in before animation A has completed at least one loop?


Yep all good on the example one - just what I wanted. If I set the animation not to loop will it just play when I scroll though? That’s the only question I have on that one!

When the user clicks, animation B should start blending when animation A has finished the loop that it is currently on. So it should always wait to the end of the animation.

The user should have to wait at least one loop before their click means a progression onwards, this means.

If the user clicks twice before animation A has completed at least one loop the animation for A should complete and then go on to B - disregarding the double click and just accepting that there is a progression requested.

Does that make sense?

How would we progress in terms of getting a look at the code for the first one you made?

Many, many thanks.

This is only with 2 animations but is pretty close to the flow you want I think: https://playcanv.as/p/Vyrq6yFI/

I made it so that when you scrub, it scrubs in a loop both ways on the current animation and pauses. Clicking on the app unpauses.


Yes thats perfect - how would I go about getting access to that code and trying it out?

Many thanks