Fetching data from JSON object

How do I access the highlighted attribute from this promise return?

What’s your existing code?

  var res = this.CallRestAPI('https://cors-anywhere.herokuapp.com/https://celebme.ialocation.com/ads',"GET",this.accessToken);    

AdManager.prototype.CallRestAPI = function(_url,_method,_accessToken){
    var _newMethod=selfclass.Fetch(_url,_method,null,_accessToken);
    _newMethod.then(response => {
        var main=response.json();
        return main;
    }).then(userRepos => { 
        //console.log("user response is here"+JSON.stringify(userRepos));
        console.log("Req Response 1: " + userRepos);

Have you tried accessing userRepos.ads?

Yes. It shows same.

What do you mean it shows the same?

I tried to access the attribute "count " from response but it shows an error. cannot read property “count” of null.

Without running the code myself, it looks fine to me. I also did a quick test with some test JSON and that is also fine:

var _newMethod=new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
  setTimeout(() => {
    resolve('{"userId":1,"id":1,"title":"delectus aut autem","completed":false}');
  }, 300);
_newMethod.then(response => {
  var main = JSON.parse(response);
  return main;
}).then(userRepos => { 


delectus aut autem

As expected

Add some breakpoints and and inspect the objects directly during each stage of the Promise chain.