[FEEDBACK] Metalness and mobile

Hi everyone,

Didn’t find anything similar on the forum.
A user reported that on my kitchen knife configurator, they had a black blade instead of the normal nice shiny and metallic blade.

And indeed, on mobile, it appears black ! (also the metal rivets)

EDIT : While writing this, I found out what caused the problem… So this is no longer a problem but a feedback post I guess :slight_smile:

On mobile (here with Android + Chrome, but also happens on iphone)


After some research, I found out that it was the “metalness” that had that effect.
useMetalness is true, and metalness is at 1
metalnessMap is empty for the blade, but there is one for the rivets

Metalness works fine on mobile when I use this marvelous page :

What caused this black blade and rivets was the refraction index, it was set on 0
Changing this to the right setting (0,66 for me, but anything more than 0) turned the material back to the correct behavior.

So there may be an unexpected difference between (some?) mobile browsers and PC?
Also, this happened with an update, that made me go from 1.63.6 to 1.67.3

Here a nice metal blade on mobile (with a bonus decal on it)


Interesting, thanks for sharing!