Feature Request - Version Control

I’m creating this topic, since I’m not quite in which repository I have to create this feature request. I guess it is part of the editor, but maybe it’s also part of the engine?

We are working on our current project as a pretty big team right now and we are using the version control system of playcanvas pretty extensively. We try to properly do merge/pull requests internally, but the current display of all the changes is not very friendly for this kind of workflow. Whenever we try to merge 2 branches, we just get a huge list of changes, when all we would like to see are the script files.

It would be nice to be able to filter the list, maybe by it’s file extensions, maybe by a searchfield with pattern matching of file names. This would make our life a lot easier.

Can you please tell me which repo is the right one to make this request?

It be the Editor repo.

Done, thx

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