Feature Request: Loading Screen without external Dependencies

Hi PlayCanvas Devs,

In the default Loading Screen, external resources (like the playcanvas logo) gets loaded from an external source. That’s not ideal, we want to have one condensed project with as less dependencies as possible. That’s also a reasonable request from some of our customers. As a workaround, we currently use a XMLHttpRequest to insertAdjacentHTML a local “loading.html” file.

For every build we do, we have to pack this loading.html file and its CSS/images manually into the game folder. This is a questionable workflow of course :wink:

It would be way nicer to have one special folder in PlayCanvas for loading screen resources which will be available at loading time.

Does this make sense? Are there any tech-wise limitations which I have not thought of so far?

As we do a lot of small games - and every game needs a loading screen without external dependencies - that would be a great feature addition for us.


It’s possible to use the assets in the project for the loading screen. Check: https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/tutorials/advance-loading-screen/