Feature Request: Auto increment version number and set primary build option

In the “PUBLISH NEW BUILD” dialog, it would be nice if there was a checkbox (that remembers state from previous publishes) that will auto-increment a version number (could be whatever the last number is after the last period to support “Alpha 1.0”, “”, “1.2.3”, and “1.2” formats).

Additionally, it would be nice if there was a “Make primary build” check box in the “PUBLISH NEW BUILD” dialog that remembers what your last setting was.

When testing on a mobile device, I’ve been doing rapid fire builds, and it’s a little hard to see what is the primary build in the “PUBLISH” dialog is without entering in a version number. A lot of times, I forget to click the icon to make it primary and end up testing an old build.

Testing on mobile is better using Launcher link instead of publishing - you get faster iterations with launcher.

But I agree, having latest build version shown somewhere, would make life easier.