FBX upload don't set materials

Hi All, i’m trying to import fbx model, followed the instructions of exporting to fbx with media & in binary.
Model is converted and also materials are created, but all materials are empty from any colour & textures.
Model can be taken from : content.compedia.net/fbx/SecondTemple_Parts.fbx

Help will be appreciated, Tn;x in adavance.

Meir Lebel

Hi @mlebel, indeed this FBX doesn’t seem to contain any textures or colored materials at all.

This seems to be an issue with the settings that you use to export it from your modelling application, than a PlayCanvas issue.

Here are some guidelines on how to export models for importing in PlayCanvas:


I followed this instructions, didn’t help.

What modeling app are you using?


3ds studio max, Maya, AutoCAD, or something else?

Autodesk is a company that provides a big suite of applications.

Tn’x, solved.
I finally went do the export by myself and not let the 3D designer do that.

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