FBX Shape Keys, do they work in PlayCanvas

Hey everyone,

Just wondering if Shape Key animation (exported from Blender into an FBX) works in PlayCanvas?

I’ve made a super simple FBX file with a shape key animation that works perfectly in Unity, when I import into PlayCanvas the animation doesn’t work.

Any help on this topic would be great, you can download the FBX with shape key animation here:
Shape Key FBX



Hey Groo, were able to find a solution for the shape key issues? I’m currently running into a similar issue and looking for any possible ideas of how to get my shape key animations to run within PlayCanvas.

I know this is an old thread, but can confirm, when importing the FBX into PlayCanvas, an animation .json is generated, but looking at the file reveals empty keyframes.

Same goes for shape key animation in Collada files, keyframes are detected within the .dae file, but shapekeys are stripped when imported.