FBX not retaining node names on import

Dear forum, I was hoping there might be someone here that can help me. I am exporting a model from Blender as .fbx and when it imports it is not retaining the node names. Has anyone experienced this and if so is there a solution?

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Hi @groupsjrBrianDouglas,

Usually I don’t have any issue with FBX exported from Blender, the node names are retained.

Do you your nodes have materials assigned? Not that it’s required, but thinking how to troubleshoot this.

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The weird thing is that I ran a log on the nodes and i got their names, I just don’t see it in the GUI.

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Ah right, then that’s not a bug but something to be expected.

Right now importing a model in the editor won’t expose its full internal hierarchy. It is available in code but you won’t see it in the hierarchy panel.

This is something requested from time to time and most likely will be implemented eventually.


We’re working on it right now actually. :smile: It will be available later this year.


What was weird is that I imported an FBX from autodesk and I saw all the node names. Is it a Blender specific issue?

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Can you provide a screenshot?

Will get it this eve, a bit slammed at moment. Thanks!