Fbx import size trouble

Hello, i import an fbx file of 2.37mb and i have a json of 15mb?? why is that? PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine shipdec model

very many vertices in your fbx

Tryed to decimate with blender but i don’t really get how blender works, and beside that it’s the first time that a json became bigger than fbx

fbx is something like the archive and stores the file of your model, and json is a text file.

you need to reduce the number of vertices.

I know that :frowning: tried to find a different model of a sailing ship but there is nothing nice for free around or at leat i wasn’t able to find it. So thought of decimate this one but i really don’t get how blender works, i know a sailing ship is a complex model but 15mb is really heavy, I guess i will have to try to make a lowpoly myself but my old 3ds max stopped work for some reason so have to find an alternative way (really sad)

Once it gzips down, it can be pretty small. Check the download size in network tools over the size of the JSON file (which is all text).

You can see here it compresses down to 2mb

Uhm not sure if i get what you mean @yaustar, but anyway that 15mb suck away all my remaining development space (i’m talking about kallen and not millennium that i used just for test purposes)

The size of the file in your project is different to the size downloaded when you play the game as all the files are compressed via gzip for bandwidth optimisation.

If the concern is that its bloating the size of the project and you are running out of space, you either need to pay for the extra space, create a secound account, host the files else where (eg github) and dynamically load them or use smaller assets.

I will do a new model myself, since 3d artists often ignore the problems of size of files (both model or textures) and i prefer uwunwrapped models.

I have a fbx file of 440MB. I tried uploading it on playcanvas editor but it shows an error “file: size limit exeeded”. Is there any file size limit to upload in playcanvas? What other solution could be there? The file is exported from blender.

Hi @Dhiraj_Phulaware and welcome,

That’s a huge file! Even if you managed to upload it you will have a hard time getting it to run in most devices.

Try optimising it, reducing polygons and a good idea to reduce the filesize is to split it in smaller models.

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I think the file limit is 300MB

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