FBX import scale 100 times too big

When I import fbx files, made by a colleague in blender, the template asset is created as expected. When I create a template instance the entity scale is set to 0.01. If I create an entity with a render component set to one of the render assets created during the import, I also need to set the scale to 0.01 or it will be 100 times too big. How do we match the scale 1:1 in blender and playcanvas? Here is an example.


I do wonder if it’s related to this issue https://github.com/playcanvas/editor/issues/602 or the scale set in Blender/modelling program. PlayCanvas assumes 1 unit == 1m and will scale the model accordingly depending on the scale set in the FBX.

The way I currently work with this (because I like parents to be 1, 1, 1 scale) is to create a new parent entity and have the Template instance as a child.

The new Anim Component will all for setting the Root Node explicitly so that it can be on the parent entity.

Not ideal but currently waiting for some time to investigate our import pipeline a bit more due to our small team

OK thanks, I’ll double check the scale in blender and follow your method.