FBX Import Material Issue

Hey I was importing an FBX(Importing the whole scene as one) from 3ds max but the all the materials are displaying as solid Greys in the PlayCanvas Editor. All the materials inside 3ds max are standard materials and are nothing but textures/solids with some Glosinees/Specular Value. Can Anyone tell me the solution to this ?


There’s no light in your scene :slight_smile:

Yeah I have only imported the fbx yet. But arent textures supposed to show up when i import an fbx. I attaching a screenshot of my 3ds max scene.

Are the textures embedded/exported as part of the fbx?

The plan is to import baked lightmaps from 3ds max itself and later figure out lighting in PlayCanvas.

In other softwares that I’ve used like Shapespark and Unreal Engine, textures are always embedded in fbx.

This is a screenshot from inside Windows FBX viewer which means textures are imbedded but are not showing up in PlayCanvas

A bit surprised the textures aren’t mapped :thinking: @slimbuck do you know more about this import process?

Just confirmed that textures should be automatically mapped when importing to PlayCanvas. Not sure what is going on here as it looks like some textures are applied:


Could you add a directional light so we can have a better look please :sweat_smile:

Ah I’ve been applying textures manually since I posted this. ill add a directional light for you to see. I can also share the FBX file with you if you want.

Yes please, DM me :slight_smile:

It looks like the textures are separate from the FBX rather than embedded in the FBX.

PlayCanvas only supports material mapping to textures if they are embedded in the FBX unfortunately.


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Hey, thanks for the reply. Since the textures were showing up in the default windows viewer and shapespark I presumed they are embedded. I will check them again after going through the resources you provided. Ill let you know if I face any issues otherwise. Thanks.

I think with those viewers, the materials have a relative path to the textures and the those viewers will pick those up.

Autodesk FBX viewer doesn’t do this for example.