FBX import from Cinema 4D


Anyone else using Cinema 4D to export via FBX?

From today I’m getting some strange results where everything comes in as just one mesh with one material but it used to be able to honour selection tags and multiple materials in cinema. There is a great chance I’ve mixed up my settings, but I’m not sure.

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  • Björn

Still can’t get my head around this. Some FBXs I export get imported with multimple meshes and materials properly but some don’t - and I yet haven’t found how to replicate when they work.

I didn’t change anything in my C4D setup or installation. Did you guys over at playcanvas update something with the FBX functionality?

Would you know if this version of FBX is supported?


  • Björn

Please post here on forum small FBX file that highlights the problem.

You can use http://www.autodesk.com/products/fbx/fbx-review to validate the file as well. If that file looks weird there too, means it is C4D problem.
Otherwise it could be a problem on our end.

There are users using C4D.

Here for example are two FBX both exported as FBX 7.5. In cinema, They both have one mesh object with mutliple material tags assigned by using polygon selections (this is how one mesh can have multiple materials in Cinema).

The torus file imports creating 3 materials in Playcanvas, but the “Sladdar” only imports with one mesh and one material.

Torus FBX: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d0e9s4b02ps0xpg/Torus%20test.fbx?dl=0
Sladdar FBX: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4c4ooizfa3lek65/Sladdar%20test%20merged.fbx?dl=0

Thanks, I didn’t know about the fbx-review app, I’ll fire that up immediately.

Seems like there is the same problem in FBX review, which I guess puts the light on Cinema 4D. It’s so strange though, I use the exact same procedure for merging the objects (Connect object + Delete) and then export to FBX with the same settings.

Ok, I’m something on the track here. It seems to be related to the texture projection in Cinema. First tests indicate that if I set the material tag to use UVW instead of Spherical projection or whatever was there by default it seems to work!

I’ll have to test some more tonight, now, meetings for the rest of the day. Thanks again max.

Update: To confirm, if anyone stumbles upon this thread. If you’re trying to export a combined mesh with multiple material tags set to different polygon selections from Cinema 4D to FBX, the texture tag’s “projection” must be set to “UVW Mapping” to propagate properly to the FBX. ! :slight_smile:

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