FBX Import adds suffix while correct in Blender


We discovered that when an object has a Modifier in Blender, playcanvas adds a suffix to the object data name.
Added a simple FBX to the project. Object 1 has no modifier, Object 2 has got a modifier.
Example Proj

Sometimes when we Import an FBX the name of the object data isn’t the same compared to blender.
It adds an ‘unwanted’ suffix.

For example:

As shown in the screenshot, the object data is set correctly in Blender.

  • There are no other objects in the project that share this name
  • The blend file does not share objects with the same name

How can we prevent this?


Hi @Nickneem,

I’ve stumbled on the same issue myself before, though I think that suffix is coming soon Blender.

Is there any chance you reuploaded the FBX after correcting the node data name in Blender? Sometimes indeed the update will not go through and the entity name will remain the same. If that’s the case try uploading it from scratch.

If not, then I’m not sure, can you try previewing the FBX on another viewer to verify the nodes names.

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In the case above it was indeed a re-upload.
But that does not seem to matter. As I get the same result in a clean project.


So,… I think I found the culprit.
Blender - Modifiers:
Wheel 4,5,6 do not have modifier
Wheel 7,8,9 do have a modifier

So short conclusion:
A blender modifier adds a suffix to the name.

Now how can we prevent this? :thinking:

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That’s a very good find! But no idea why that happens, you can try applying all modifiers before exporting, but that isn’t very practical.

If you are able do submit this issue, alongside a sample fbx, in the editor tracker: GitHub - playcanvas/editor: Issue tracker for the PlayCanvas Editor

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Thanks for the quick replies @Leonidas !
I will experiment some more.

Will post on the issue tracker.

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Posted on the issue tracker:
Issue Tracker Link

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