FBX -> GLB/glTF Conversion: Runtime Access & Method Used?

I notice that PlayCanvas Editor has a drap & drop FBX to GLB / glTF converter.

  • What is the FBX->GLB Conversion tool used under the hood? Is it open source or available in another repo?
  • Is there a way to invoke this at runtime programmatically?
  • Is there a way we can access this code? If not out of the box, who could I contact to discuss access more in depth?

We’ve looked into other converters with mixed results

Thank you so much!

IIRC, it uses the native Adobe FBX C++ SDK and builds out to a GLB that only contains the mesh, PlayCanvas material assets, the texturesimages, animation GLBs and template that hooks it all up in a entity hierarchy graph.

It’s closed source unfortunately and also not runtime available.

I don’t know of a FBX to GLB runtime convertor :thinking:

If you would like to discuss it with the PlayCanvas team, best to do so via support@playcanvas.com