FBX file not Uploading to Assets

When exporting the below model from Blender as an FBX, and uploading that FBX onto PlayCanvas, the model is not completing the upload. I’ve tried this several times today at different times but it is stuck at this (see below image). It stays this way even though the bottom right corner says the upload is over.
Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 7.47.05 PM Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 7.48.50 PM

I am attaching a drive link to the .blend file here, if anyone could help that would be great! Thank you.

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Hi @Krish_USCan,

The generated FBX file is 75MB in size, that is a huge model. Not sure if the server hits a limit on parse time?

Can you attach the FBX file please?

I can’t see the issue with my test FBXs

Even Windows 3D viewer doesn’t seem to open it, loading for 2 minutes:

I can’t in the Blender scene what’s wrong, polycount seems low, and it’s a single node. But it’s complex scene in its setup, most likely it’s being targeted for offline rendering?

Try copy/pasting just the mesh geometry to a blank Blender scene and export from there.

Here is the link - Blue laser test v2.fbx - Google Drive

Thank you for the support

I’ll talk to my artist and get back to you on this

The FBX takes a looooong time to load with FBX Review from Autodesk

Seems VERY simple for something that is 75MB

The Blender file is quite small, so I’m confused as to why this would happen. Is this related to export settings?

Tried to use the same FBX in Unity, and it really doesn’t like it

Hasn’t moved for 5 minutes

what i think
probally not a playcanvas issues

it can be how the things was modeled in blender

I think the model has too many tries , verticies and it can be harsh with playcanvas

even with a simple model this can maybe be fixed with object smoothing to reduce the tries and vertices on the model

maybe try smoothing the model or port it to a different .blend file then make a export to fbx and try again

again just what i think COULD be the problem

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What we are trying to achieve is a glowing laser effect, see below -

Is this the reason it doesn’t work? This is what our artist had to say - “I tried to export into an new blender file as well as appending the file. In both cases the object did not retain the specifications from the original file. I also tried to import the files from softimage and no materials came over either.”

How would we have this effect in PlayCanvas using our current model from Blender?

Your can’t really import that effect from blender to PlayCanvas, only the geometry. Do that and then setup an emmisive material with high intensity and apply bloom post process effect to your main camera. That will come with a performance cost.

Cheap alternative is to use halo billboards like this:


Thanks for the reply. If we were to use the light halos, essentially we would need to have the image in the exact shape of the laser correct?

Yes, though given this isn’t a spherical object it may not look so well.

Another, more advanced, option is to use a second mesh, that is scaled a bit larger and write a shader that fades out its volume on the borders.

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So assuming I get the model in without its textures, how would I proceed? I’m not very familiar with the methods listed above.

  1. Create and assign a material to it, set an emissive color and play with the intesity:


  1. Add the Bloom post process effect from the PlayCanvas engine repository to your project, and attach it to your camera. You can play with it in this engine example:


Here is the script: https://github.com/playcanvas/engine/blob/dev/scripts/posteffects/posteffect-bloom.js

This works great, thanks @Leonidas!! I just have two questions -

  1. Is there a way to “restrict” this to just the laser bolt? I don’t want this effect on the environment/enemy spacecraft.

  2. How much of a performance deficit are we talking here? The game is primarily intended for modern PCs so mobile is not a consideration.

Yes it is possible, not so easy but definitely possible, check this post: Apply Bloom only to specific Materials

So this effect does pixel blurring which is what makes it expensive, and the performance scales with the resolution (larger screen / more pixels → worse performance). But if you are targeting modern PCs then I wouldn’t worry about this, even on high end mobile devices it can perform quite ok.

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Ah perfect, thank you. I had to leave my workstation, but should be able to launch the game with bloom enabled and see how it looks with it in a few hours. If necessary, I will follow the steps outlined in the linked topic. I’ll revert if I have any further queries. Thanks again @Leonidas!

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Quick update - the environment actually looks fantastic with bloom. I think I’ll keep it like this :sweat_smile:! Thanks for sharing this @Leonidas.

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