FBX animation realtime lighting

Hi there,

The animation for my 3d model is working but it is not receiving realtime lighting when animating.
I am sure I am missing something but I cannot find the solution.

Here’s an example:

Here’s the project:

And editor:

Any ideas?

Disabling/enabling the lights at runtime shows it is dynamically lit:

Hi @yaustar,

Yes, it is lit on the outside. But the inside is not lit when the box is opened.

As you can see here, the side is still receiving a shadow from the lid and the inside is dark.

I’m a bit confused on this one so far as if I remove the top (disabled), it looks fine :thinking:

In a separate project, it looks fine from here:

I see the issue, both of the lights have static enabled and more importantly, have shadows set to render ‘once’

This means that shadows aren’t updated from these lights from the first frame they are enabled.

Change them to ‘realtime’ fixes your issue.

Wow… I knew I was overlooking something really small but in sight…

Thank you for pointing it out @yaustar!

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