Failed to initialize basis worker

failed to initialize basis worker: TypeError: WebAssembly.compile is not a function
shows when using browser open newly published project for the first time. This will lead to the loading proecess stucks at 99% percent. And after a refresh everything is just fine. Anyone know how to solve this or anyway to debug this problem?

Any help would be great :smiley:

What is your browser version? Maybe it doesn’t support WebAssembly? "WebAssembly" | Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc

Hi! thanks for the reply. I dont think it’s the browser version problem for everything will work fine after a refresh.

AddType application/wasm .wasm

@XiumoXR please, use English in public threads.

Hey @jack_ma, sorry you’re having this issue. Are you able to share a link to a demo project?

Hello, thank you for the reply. Sorry for I cant provide the link for some reason. And I dont have much time to reproduce this in another project. [XiumoXR]'s solution temporarily solve the problem. All good for now.

Hi, I’ve seen other threads saying it’s an issue with the Apache settings, so I set it up and found that it didn’t seem to be an issue anymore, but now it’s coming back, and it’s a very strange situation where refreshing the URL multiple times makes it go away.
But surely players are not that patient, could you help to see how to fix it. demo


I’ve tested this and it seems that setting basis.wasm.js to preload doesn’t give me this error. No other problems found for now. Thanks guys!

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