Facial mocap error

Hi Everyone, is there changes with our latest engine now for the shape keys to work? this project was made 2 months ago and works fine, but now only the eyebrows works:


Hi @Genesis_Miranda,

Calling @mvaligursky @Elliott

@Genesis_Miranda , the project is private so we can’t investigate. Would you be able to post a public project for us to take a look at please?


public link. thanks in advance

What is supposed to happen? I’'m currently going through all recent minor versions of the engine and can’t see it animate at all


the face animation should work on this one, it was working fine 2 months ago, and just visited the link again last week and all the animations were gone except the eyebrows

Oops, my bad. The fork I made I accidentally deleted the animation assets.

Looks like the last ‘working’ version was engine 1.54.1



yep, thanks

just wanna add some audio issues with the latest engine also, it sometimes plays the audio well, but most of the time it doesn’t. thanks again

Please create a new thread with a reproducible project that we can investigate please?

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sure. thanks

Created a ticket for this animation issue: Face animation no longer animates since engine 1.54.1 · Issue #4724 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

We have someone looking into this with the aim for it to be fixed in the next patch release

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