Facebook instant games paused

Facebook instant games are no more accepting indie games . It is paused because of covid . I am new to html5. Biggest platform for html5 game is Facebook. And now it’s paused .
What are some other websites biggest ready to publish our html5 games like Facebook instant games ?

Pinging @devMidgard :slight_smile:

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Where does it say Facebook Instant Games is no longer accepting indie games? Can you share a link?

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Indie developers are paused through this link

I tried uploading game to instant games , business is required

I tried uploading game to gameroom native ,

Try poki.com and miniclip.com

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Poki.com is a great website. However, there games do not show ads . How are developers paid?
Miniclip is accepting games only if games are to be published on Android or iOS stores. These are maybe future things .

I believe poki has ads? havent checked it in a while