"Extras" field from glTF Imports Possible?

I’ve created a test rig with an animation and included two custom properties on the animation to mark a beginning of a time of importance (start of parry window) and the end of a that time (end of parry window). I’m trying to access these custom properties as metadata to create animation events, but I don’t know what document or tutorial resource to use.

Here’s the test project I set up: Test Project | Editor (playcanvas.com)
Binary and embedded versions of the test animation are in the project with extras fields within the one and only animation in the file named “g_parry”.

Hi @AndrewTziAnChan and welcome,

I don’t know if the glTF metadata/extras field is imported and available somehow. Someone else would have to answer about that.

For manually adding animation events on assets here is the relevant manual page in case it’s of help:

It is possible to get the extras if you are loading the GLB as a binary. I have a project here that does it for the Bitmoji GLB binaries that you can use as an example:


Code https://playcanvas.com/editor/code/721733?tabs=35751979&line=18 and https://playcanvas.com/editor/code/721733?tabs=35751972&line=43