Extracting material with fbx

Hi everyone,

I hope, you are all doing well. I have uploaded an fbx to one of my project and applied material to it. Now when I download this fbx material and open it in blender, the material is not attached to fbx. Is there any way I can download fbx with material linked from playcanvas?

Hi @Faiq_Laiq,

You should use the GLB exporter to export a model with its material/materials from a PlayCanvas scene (on runtime, not possible from the editor right now).

Check this engine example on how to get started with that: PlayCanvas Examples

Then the resulting GLB can be imported in Blender.

Note that only some material properties are exported this way, which is something we need to improve in the next few months: Implement GLTF exporter improvements · Issue #5001 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

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Thanks, really appreciate the help :muscle: