External Scripts not being download via REST API


I added some more external scripts to my project. I have a build script that utilizes the

playcanvas-tools npm package

to download my project build! It has worked for me for 6 months, but now when i export it doesn’t add in my new external scripts. It only has 3 out of 5 of my external scripts in the index.html in the build. Only the old ones

At a loss of what to do, any tips? Anyone experience this?


Are you using this particular endpoint? GitHub - playcanvas/playcanvas-rest-api-tools: A set of tools to use with the PlayCanvas REST API for common jobs such as downloading a build and archiving a project

If so, can you DM me the project id and allow me to add myself to the project to try myself please?

Hey it was actually my mistake - I manipulate in my build script the index file, and accidentally deleting the external scriptss. User error! Thanks for responding!


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