External DDS files : Creation and formats and tools question

Hi Everyone
I was wondering if anyone knows what format of DDS and tools would be useful for making our own DDS files.

We stage our textures for multiple Web GL projects off of one server on Amazon and downloading and using the DDS files from Play Canvas won’t work due to the custom header and external serving issue.

I am looking to achieve similar quality to what Play Canvas creates and keep compatibility with iOS, Android as well as PCs. Play Canvas does this so well, but we can’t use their DDS files externally.

Any suggestions?

Thanks ahead of time
Mike K

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have you ever found the solution

Sort of. I am not a programmer, but the basics were programming custom loading code and making sure that mime types for DDS were enabled on the cloud server.

We also are also able to load external PC DDS Files but changing the loader for that style of loading too. Both work flows needed custom loading code.

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