External DDS Causing Errors

We are using DDS files downloaded from Play Canvas on our Amazon Server and then we try to load it back into Play Canvas in our app we get this error

The process for the DDS files is like this:

We have a DDS conversion project on Play Canvas

I upload Jpeg files to it, one folder at a time,

We convert them to DDS using the PVR 2 Bit encoder setting and then when they are encoded I download them locally
By downloading the project
From that Zipped Project we extract the DDS files and we upload those an online Database
When we try to load them back in from our server we are getting the errors below.

We also tried a convertor and are running into the same issues with our own converted DDS files.
We have a tight deadline needing a lot of textures and they will be loading onto iPads, so the app will crash if using Jpegs due to VRam usage.

Thanks ahead of time.

Are you uploading the DDS files into the PlayCanvas editor or loading at runtime when you get this error?

In both cases we get the error

Could you provide an example of a project that is loading the DDS at runtime please?

In the mean time, do any of these threads help?

Turns out there is a header issue with the play canvas ones we were using, we did our own conversion and thats working now.
Thank you so much again for your help yaustar, you’re a life saver :slight_smile:

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Glad you got it working!

Could you go into a bit more detail about the header issue to help if anyone else tries to do something similar? :slight_smile:

I was downloading the DDS files by backing up the project and extracting the DDS files from the Zip, the Play Canvas DDS Files have a special header mentioned elsewhere on the forum and that turned out to be causing the error.