Exporting Particle Systems

I assume you have something like prefabs on your roadmap.
It would be very helpful for me to be able to export particle systems as JSON or even Javascript for use in my own code or to be imported into a different project and appear as an entity (export entity / import entity). Seems like you’re already generating that code anyway so maybe you even already have tools like this already built for your own internal use.

This would be amazing for me for several reasons:

  • when I work on a particle system / systems in a specially prepared test scene but need it somewhere else
  • when I would like to create the ParticleSystem from code dynamically
  • when I’m having trouble defining something in code that is of visual nature and is easier done in the editor
  • it acts as great learning tool since some of the editor magic is revealed

+1 (already aSked for the same thing)

If particle would be an asset, would that be a good option? As asset can be downloaded, and in the future behave like a file that is interchangeable between projects.

I guess an asset would be nice as a collection of entities, like an effect consisting of a few particle generators, maybe some model and a simple script.
That could work as well but having the possibility to import/export as JSON/Javascript would have some extra uses.

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Really a component copy would be really useful for public attributes of either in built components or user scripts. An asset version would be excellent. I keep finding myself have to retype things if I add a component or script to one of a number of things I’ve duplicated and placed in the right locations, if all of them also need it.

You can also copy paste Entities between scenes of the same project now.

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