Exporting models from Daz3D to fbx and importing into playcanvas

Hey guys!

I am really a newbie when it comes to all this. I am not looking to become an expert on 3D modelling but I am looking to create a simple project displaying 3D models that has been created in and exported from Daz3D using Playcanvas on our website.

I am hoping I can get some help by you experts on here :slight_smile: I’ve been trying out some test exports from Daz3D using some free test models but when I input them into playcanvas there’s always something broken in the model. I’ve tried a lot of different settings when exporting to fbx from Daz3D but every attempt results in something wrong. Either textures/materials are not displaying after importing to Playcanvas or some parts of the model (for example the hair) get’s placed in the wrong position.

The settings that has given me the best result so far are the following:

But even though textures are applied to the model after importing it to Playcanvas, other issues appear with these settings where the hair and clothing is wrongly positioned on the model. Perhaps this is just a problem with the model itself (I unfortunately don’t have the skills to judge this).

So basically my question is; Is there anyone in here who’s got experience with exporting from Daz3D and importing to Playcanvas who could give me some recommendation on what settings to use for best result when exporting to fbx for importing into Playcanvas?

Sorry for being such a noob here but I have really made an effort searching the forums and the web about this problem without success. Really hoping for some help here! :smile:

No one using Daz3D then I guess? Perhaps then someone has any alternative for Daz3D that I should look into instead? I am about to invest a bit in purchasing some models and resources on DAZ3D so if anyone has any information about this not being a good idea (perhaps the models don’t work well with Playcanvas or whatever) it would be really appreciated to know this before I go ahead and spend more time on it.

Sorry, I started a response to this last week and it got lost.

There shouldn’t be any problems with importing models from Daz. If they export to FBX they should be fine. If you have models that aren’t working correctly best thing is to send us a link to an incorrect project. Then we can take a proper look and debug.

Hey Dave,

Thanks for the reply! Think I will continue trying it out then and see where it takes me. Will try with some new models and see if it works better, otherwise I’ll come back and ask for more help :smile:


One thing. I did notice you had uploaded some very large textures (16MB). We resize these textures down to jpgs and pngs for the web, so you’d save yourself some time if you uploaded smaller files to start with :smiley:

Aha, yes I saw this now. I’ve only been uploading the fbx file though and I guess those textures are part of that package. Not sure how to chose to downscale the textures when exporting to fbx from DAZ3D but I will keep an eye out for this. Thanks again Dave!