Exporting .FBX Animations From Max, frame selections, multiple animations on one timeline

I tried using a plugin for 3DS Max called FBX multitake
( http://plasticant.co.uk/site/downloads/fbx-multi-take-3ds-max/ )

which is suppose to split animations up for exporting to .FBX

I only seem to get one animation when I import the .FBX model into playcanvas.

I’m not clear how to create, and export multiple animations on one model ( that is not a mixamo game model). from one timeline on one .max model.

i.e. for instance make frames 1-10 is Animation1, 12-20 Animation2, etc.


On a cursory glance, it looks like that program adds multiple animations to a single FBX file.

PlayCanvas can currently only import a single animation from an FBX file, so you need to export each animation into a separate file.

…so I have to create multiple max files with different animations and just import each max model repeatedly with same geometry? i.e. create a max file with a unique animation, import, then create another max file with next animation only, then import? Just looking at .fbx exporter I guess you can export the animation beginning and ending frames in the .fbx exporter.

I’ll try this for now.

We are not working with a humanoid character right now so mixamo not an option.

I guess you have to empty all other animations in a timeline and isolate them or Max just dumps the enitre timeline in despite only baking the specific frames in animation section of exporter. After you then import animation isolated .FBX in playcanvas, then just for housekeeping sake delete all duplicate stuff after the importer imports everything except the isolated animation you want to keep.

I’m not sure if you need a separate Max file for each animation or if you can export from a shared max file to multiple FBX each with only one animation.

I know that you can export with an empty model so that you don’t need to re-upload vertex data everytime. Though we still create a model file from FBX import. We’ll be adding more import options so that you can specify what parts of the scene to import later.

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yes I manged to get sequences of animations working great on a the non humanoid model we are using, I have to wait for each animation to entirely complete or else it gets pretty snappy/jerky but its working great now.

Isn’t FBX the preferred PlayCanvas model format?

If I could vote, this issue is the highest priority for me. Having to save multiple FBXs and upload multiple times and sort through a bunch of redundant extracted JSON, material files is quite a load on a fairly vital workflow.

What is the status of this enhancement?

My Blend library plays multiple animations from a single FBX in PlayCanvas.

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