Exported projects not loading completely

Hi, I have created a simple project by using the model viewer. I exported the project and downloaded the zip. The index.html file does not load completely. The loading bar gets stuck in one position. I have tried this with other example projects and none of them load completely. I have opened index.html in chrome and firefox. I am using a Mac running os 10.8.4

Can anyone please tell me what the problem is? Am I doing something wrong?


Could you give us a link of your project?


Hi, I was trying to load it locally. I just put it up on a server and it works fine.

OK well if you want to use it locally you have to run a local server in the directory where index.html is located… I usually do this:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Let us know if you have more issues.

Regards :slight_smile:

I have been also trying to use this project locally and run index.html. Even I face the same problem. Th progress bar gets stuck in the middle and does not complete. I am copying the project and trying to run it in a Chrome browser in my Android tablet . Can someone suggest what else is required for it to run successfully?

Hi @ankitm511,

How are you serving the project? You need to run a webserver locally to serve the content.